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There are companies that we have always known to carry out our purchases and which disappear overnight, others which marry to better resist headwinds, others which break the law and which will have to put their hands on the door- money to repair their faults, but all by the decline in the purchasing power of the French. The wheel spins… BHV: Employees worried about the sale After the announcement of “exclusive negotiations” with the Société des Grands Magasins (SGM) for the sale of BHV Marais, BHV Parly and the website by the Galeries Lafayette group, some employees are worried. Despite the declarations of the management who promised to maintain jobs and the announcements of the desire to develop the current commercial activity, a concern is growing within the teams.

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Specializing in the acquisition and revitalization of commercial sites in the city center, did not completely reassure employees with an ostensible fear of seeing offices replace them even if clearly this does not seem to be in the objectives. of the SGM. In question a press release evoking the possibility“developments made on the sites” and the desire “to highlight a unique real estate heritage, with high quality buildings” . Videdressing Bulk SMS Cyprus gives way to BonCoin Even if its disappearance is not really surprising, the marketplace specializing in the purchase and sale of fashion and luxury items has announced its upcoming closure on July 1, 2023. In 2009 and acquired in 2018 by Leboncoin (Adevinta), the site will actually by LeBoncoin.

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Unavailable from April 12, 2023. However, this is a transfer of technology since according to a press release “You will find most of your favorite features and your beloved brands on Leboncoin” . Antoine Jouteau, CEO of Adevinta, is with the course: “More than 2.5 million items a second life, thus preserving the planet… and your purchasing power! » (…)“Videdressing has very advanced expertise in functions Gambling Email List relating to payment and delivery. Sharing knowledge will allow us to quickly offer our users a better experience on our “fashion” categories, which are among the most popular. The Videdressing brand and its business model, by our experience as a leader in advertising” . San Marina in turmoil San Marina stores since February 18.

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