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The new customer experience standards, in-store or digital, are often based on the repositories of Apple, John Lewis and Amazon. To this difficulty (comparing oneself to the best, even when they belong to categories different from those where one enters the ring) is another: the B2B customer no longer understands that the professional world or his suppliers treat him less although his pizza delivery guy. Also, it is with a little delay but a lot of innovations that some big brands have launched projects to improve the customer experience, sometimes with few means but always with method and logic of experimentation ( because you have to be convinced that the investments pay off).first-mover on the subject, and decryption of what works by one of the specialists on the subject (the Pagamon firm).

The Testimony of Gilles Lebret

Member of the Executive Committee and Director of Customer Operations and Information Systems at Tarkett. The example given by the company Tarkett in terms of customer experience calls out and raises questions: one would think that a multinational specializing in floor coverings and sports surfaces would not make customer experience and relations a priority. Meeting with Gilles Lebret, member of the Executive Committee SMS Gateway Chile and Director of Customer Operations and Information Systems, who proves the contrary. Apart from those (many for two or three years) who are to speaking at trade fairs and conferences and whose projects actually carried out are often less telling than Powerpoint documents, some French or international industrial groups have real projects redesign or improvement of their customer experience, with method, a taste for experimentation and teams.

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The Trained Engineers Who Manage

Them have kept their reflexes and good habits inherited from the time when they managed production teams, factories or information systems: we observe to understand, we imagine, we test and… we don’t put her eggs in one basket. It is this method and these convictions that shine through when we detail the “Customer Experience” project led around the world by Gilles Lebret, member of the Executive Committee and Director Gambling Email List of Customer Operations and Information Systems at Tarkett. “The objective is to make Tarkett the best partner in the flooring sector, that is to say, the one with whom it is the easiest and most pleasant to interact with for our different categories of customers. This customer-centric approach is at the heart of the group’s strategy, and illustrates well one of our key values: to offer an exceptional experience to our customers”.

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