Email marketing how to do it

Email Marketing is a technique that establishes. A direct communication channel between a company and its contacts through email. A well-articulated and targeted email marketing campaign can generate a closer relationship . With your target audience and, consequently, increase your sales. Which trigger emails that can contain rich content to nurture leads.  There for news […]

B2B e-commerce: discover what it is and how it can boost your sales

With the technological developments that have taken place in recent years and the rapid growth of online shopping, we see that all companies must update their sales methods. In this scenario, the importance of B2B e-commerce stands out, a system specialized in digital sales between companies. B2B e-commerce specialist That’s why we interviewed Mercos’ B2B […]

How to improve the SEO of your factory website

Improving your factory website’s SEO is essential to increasing online visibility and attracting more customers. An effective SEO strategy can transform your factory’s digital reach, boosting sales and strengthening your brand presence . This article will present practical strategies for optimizing the SEO of your factory website, covering everything from on-page techniques, such as effective […]

Email Templates: How to Create and Customize for Your Industry

Email templates can be a great way to improve your customer communication . They save time, ensure consistency, and can be customized for different industries, making your campaigns more effective. Let’s explore how you can use email templates effectively for a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, administration, retail, and automotive. What is an […]