Sharing and Repurposing Digital

To analyze the impact of backlinks on their digital PR campaigns, they can use backlink monitoring tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. Online mentions and backlinks are essential to measuring the success of digital PR programs. They provide insights into a brand’s visibility, reach, and credibility. By monitoring these metrics, businesses can spot trends, measure […]

Throwing money into digital marketing without a plan

Digital marketing goals are more than just generating sales. There are various areas that digital marketing can benefit and you want to consider them all before throwing your entire budget into just one goal.Analyze current digital marketing strategiesAs someone in charge of a business. Knowing how the sales funnel works is key to digital marketing […]

Choosing the Type of Ad You Want to Run

You must plan to: write an effective headline that includes relevant keywords and actionable phrases craft body copy that outlines the key usps. Is conversational. Represents your brand tone of voice. And encourages people to click through include high quality visuals (images. Graphics or video content) that bring the product. Service or event you’re promoting […]