The Word Nikko Means Sunlight in Japanese

What to see and do in Nikko If you are wondering what to do in Nikko, there is no shortage of interesting places to visit. However, Nikko National Park is home to thousands of tall and majestic cedars.

Enjoy the peace of the surroundings and contemplate the afternoon in the shade of its branches. Surprisingly, on Foggy Days, the Excursion Can Be Most Interesting. As It Makes You Immerse. Yourself in All the Splendor of the Forest. However, If You Want to See the Koyo. As the Japanese Call the Fall Colors. Time Your Visit to Coincide With the End of the Season.

The leaves of these trees begin to change in the highest mountains at

The beginning of October and reach their splendor, already Phone Number List near the town of Nikko, when November arrives.

The 100 meter high Kegon no Taki or Kegon Waterfall is something you cannot miss. However, This great waterfall is the outlet of Lake Chuzenji and is included in the ranking of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

Toshogu Shrine
A UNESCO World Heritage Site , the town of Nikko is perhaps most famous for Toshogu, one of the most richly ornate shrines in all of Japan.

The Toshogu Shrine is made up of more than a dozen buildings immersed in the cedar forest. Entering through the main entrance, you will find several “treasures”:

The spectacular five-story pagoda When you walk through the entire sanctuary

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You will be amazed by the countless number of wooden Gambling Email List carvings covered in gold leaf (thin sheets of the precious metal).

Outside, in the central area of ​​the sanctuary, you can visit the Nikko Toshogu Museum , which houses an interesting collection of swords, armor, and other personal objects that belonged to the founders of the sanctuary.

Please Note: Many Buildings Are Under. However, Restoration and Will Not Be Finished Until 2024.

Edo Wonderland Park
Nikko Edomura, or Edo Wonderland. Is a Historical Theme Park That Recreates. However, Life in Japan During the Edo Period, When Toshogu Shrine Was Built.

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