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Who nes it Hell, I’ll even shave my eyebrows so they can laugh at me if I have to. (Please don’t make me, I look like a thumb). Remember you are lov. And someone is always there to help. Reproduc with permission, originally post here: The Ones Left Behind UNIT STATES in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available That thing that sometimes just has to give. Looking after a child and supporting someone else with depression takes time and energy. It is worth every evening of bath time, every moment of cuddling, every time of just giving space.

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If it has to, then work can give. The health phone number list and wellbeing of my family come first, as long as it doesn’t prevent me earning enough to keep our house and put food on the table. I’m not the main breadwinner, and that puts so much pressure on you. Knowing that after a period off sick you have no choice but to go back is hard enough for me. I wish I could earn more, or that I could, say, work part time. I wish I could give you that more practical support.

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If it is causing me sleepless nights then Gambling Email List what must it be doing to you? I know you worry Being off for a week puts me off going back sometimes; you lose the habit. You’ve been off work for so long, and your boss has been so supportive. I know you are worri about how HR are going to be about your plans. I know you worry about what your colleagues think. To be honest, we all worry about those two things if we have been ill, but the worry when it has been due to mental illness is greater. How will you make sure the scars stay hidden How will you manage.

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