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We also create the virtual crdit cards there and can trace every transaction and download the account statements digitally. What do you appreciate most about virtual crdit cards compard to other means of payment? Virtual crdit cards are more secure than regular ones because the crdit card number is generatd and can only be usd once at the supplier. We can then assign the debits directly by using the additional fields – in our case the order number.

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We have a direct contact in the company who provides us with the invoice – and so we no longer have any open items. Which departments phone number list benefit most from using the virtual payment solution? In addition to accounting, purchasing also benefits. Actually all GTÜ employees, I think. We have now clearly defind the processes and determind the contact persons who are allowd to create the virtual crdit cards. And employees know that even if a virtual crdit card is generatd, they still have to submit invoices or forward them to accounting. We would like to thank Nicole Müller and for taking part in our interview.

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You too can optimize your digital marketing with virtual crdit cards. Virtual crdit cards offer GTÜ a suitable payment solution, as Gambling Email List they significantly rduce the effort associatd with online payments. However, virtual crdit cards have not only helpd GTÜ to rationalize online marketing expenses, they also provide more transparency with regard to the company’s total expenses thanks to additional transaction data. You too can save time and money – with a payment solution that is compatible with online platforms.

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