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As you can see, there are countless ways that Artificial Intelligence can help your company stand out in the market . Now just put it into practice! Do you want to count on the support of a Digital Marketing agency for this? Talk to one of our experts !M.Pollo Success Story What will you learn in this case? How we manag to boost sales for a men’s fashion company with 25 years of tradition and optimize its sales process: Restructuring of Digital Marketing strategies Alignment between sales and marketing Content remodeling Renovation of the website and contact pages About M.

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Pollo Found in 1992, in Goiânia, M.Pollo continues to surprise the men’s fashion market with innovation and excellence in service , increasingly positioning itself as a strong and recogniz brand in the Brazilian market. Tip: Also see how we achiev 4x more sales on Famiglia Valduga’s Black Friday! The problem The company already had an Inbound Marketing strategy in place when it approach Orgânica Digital at the end of 2016. However, this special data strategy was not bringing satisfactory results. The main problem was the lead generation strategy which, in fact, generat many leads, but the vast majority of them were unqualifi.

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Thus, the sales team had a lot of work and few sales. We ne to not only qualify these leads, but actually turn them into sales . The project The first thing we did was a 2-step plan: The first consist of getting to know the client’s current Inbound Marketing strategy in depth . We tri to understand where this first strategy was going wrong, and thus, make sure we achiev the results the company want. The second stage consist precisely of talking to the client and understanding Gambling Email List what the desir results were. We

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