Omnichannel Is the Heart of Our Strategy We Invent and We Learn as We Go

Director of operations for the Fnac group, Olivier Theulle is notably in charge of logistics and call centers. He explains, in the absence of Katia Hersard at the time of this interview and deciphers what can cause… that a book does not arrive safely, that call centers do not always respond as quickly as a customer. might want to – if at all. Delphine Jory reports malfunctions at several stages of the customer journey. What happened ? Why was it delivered to the store and not to a relay point? Why has a paid book not arrived? We process a huge number of orders during this holiday season… In all, 8 million per year. I’m not going to say that it doesn’t happen: it happens, there are commands that are. They represent a very small percentage, and we are making considerable efforts, but there are always some.

Regarding the Problems Encountered by This Client

We have endeavored to correct the situation. The Quimper salesman’s argument, by Delphine, is that he thought he “on the wrist” if he did not respect the process… and this understood: removing a book from a stock, taking it from a other… What happens at Fnac when an employee does not respect the SMS Gateway Taiwan processes? Under no circumstances will this seller in Quimper be \on the knuckles, on the contrary… Going from one stock to another is not the point. Through our customer experiences, including our experiences as One cardholders, very often, we find that the worst can rub shoulders with the best at Fnac, both in store and on the phone.

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I Refute the Idea That the Customer Experience

At Fnac is to a particular social model. In logistical cases as complex as those involved in an omnichannel transaction, isn’t it better to give more autonomy to the seller, the final, physical point of contact with the customer, so that he can resolve any problems ? Fnac is a changing company and omnichannel is at the heart of our strategy: we invent and we learn as we go. Come from a model where the products were sent from the Gambling Email List central to the store, a parcel collection system in fact, where the store staff hardly intervene. There, we explain to the customer an internal jargon on our processes, a jargon that we should not impose on him. Everyone worked hard in December.

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