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 Practical guide: how to choose the Best Marketing Strategies for your company Fraud detection AI is also very useful for detecting suspicious patterns and behaviors in financial transactions and alerting the company about possible fraud , avoiding losses that could happen if there was no such alert. Quality improvement Its use also serves to monitor processes and identify opportunities for improvement , helping the company to quickly identify and correct problems. 5 practical applications of Artificial Intelligence Now that you’ve seen what Artificial Intelligence is and how it can help your company stand out in the market, check out 5 practical applications : 1.

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Chatbot for business A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence tool typically programm to answer common customer questions and perform other automat tasks. Its implementation significantly ruces response time for simple questions, improving customer service efficiency . In fact, AI can be us to train the chatbot to recognize and respond to complex and more personaliz questions . An example is the processing of customer orders. In this case, it collects information such as name new database and shipping address, and processes payment for the order. It can also be us to provide information about products and services by answering frequently ask questions.

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 The result of this is an improvement in customer satisfaction , as the necessary information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! See just one example from Orgânica itself: Example of customer service from Orgânica Digital 2. Cross-industry collaboration Artificial Intelligence also contributes to improving collaboration between sectors of a company , allowing them to work together more efficiently Gambling Email List and productively. For example, it can be us to collect and analyze sales data, so that the Marketing sector can adapt its strategy to better meet customer ne .

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