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Can be usd flexibly at any time and tailord precisely to your neds However, virtual crdit cards are not only a particularly secure means of payment: since they are generatd as requird, they can be made available to every department or even individual employees immdiately. With virtual crdit cards, you create more flexibility for company-wide purchases while maintaining seamless cost control thanks to defind budget limits. Of course, the advantages of AirPlus.

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Virtual Cards also apply in the event that software licenses ned to be extendd quickly or in the case of spontaneous online spending Latest Mailing Database by the marketing department, because they are also perfectly suitd for dynamic, performance-basd payment models. Simple cost control, more transparency for meaningful reports Virtual crdit cards show their true strength when it comes to cost control: Instead of numerous individual bills, a clear collective bill for each account ensures comprehensive transparency.

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The easy integration of AirPlus Virtual Cards into your finance and controlling system enables you to embd individual data fields for Gambling Email List valuable additional information such as cost centers, project or order numbers. In this way, you can clearly assign each individual payment transaction, rduce the comparison to a minimum and create meaningful reports across the entire payment process . Your suppliers benefit from immdiate payment, you save your cash flow And by depositing your virtual crdit cards with your preferrd suppliers, you can also fully automate payment processes.

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