What i learn is that collaboration is better than competition

 Then i start connecting with a community of bloggers online. This was a great opportunity for me to learn and meet others. And it really accelerat my growth online. I also went to conferences to meet people in person. Connecting with others is what really help my business take off. What i learn is that collaboration is better than competition.” jason lee bestonlinelove jason lee is the chief information officer with a healthy picture . “our business is very content-driven. In our early days. The temptation to rely solely on metrics to guide the direction of our content seem like the best route.

Content still nes that personal touch

 And while data is incribly important. Content asia email list still nes that personal touch. When we decid to take a step back from a 100% data-driven approach and look a little more holistically at what our readers want. It was night and day. The lesson? Use data . But don’t let them take you away from what you do best. ” james pearson james pearson james pearson is the ceo of eventuring one of the fastest growing websites in the small business sector. ” airbnb’s breakthrough is one of my favorite success stories.


They built a website which became a flop

 Chesky. Gebbia and blecharczyk saw an opportunity to Gambling Email List make money due to a specific problem. Fully book hotels and a lack of bs. Their creative and brilliant solution: air mattresses for those who ne accommodation and breakfast. To book more clients. They built a website which became a flop. So. They start selling cereals to finance their startup fund. At the same time. They start sell their idea to other people on how to make money by renting their apartment. After they had enough money to build their business.

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