American Express in the Footsteps of Albert Spaggiari

In the footsteps of Albert Spaggiari? Amex allegedly collected* the receipts from two Antibois restaurant owners for three years and forgot to transfer the corresponding sum to them. Thanks to RMC, the case is no longer in the bag. Two restaurateurs in Antibes discovered that American Express had collected more than 77,000 euros in revenue for two years corresponding to Amex payments without transferring the corresponding sum to them. After they discovered this significant hole in their fund, the large financial institution apparently made it very difficult for them to recover this sum. The BtoB customer experience at Amex increasingly resembles the advertising promise: relax, we take care of everything.

Which Tells and Reveals This Affair

Interviewed the two owners of Bistrot de Jules, whose accountant saved the day after he updated them with this hole of more than 77,000 in their accounts. The two partners had to find all the proof of payment from their customers and wait for their partner to do so to transfer the corresponding sum to them. A new example of the slowness and complexities that American Express makes many customers, individuals Bulk SMS New Zealand or professionals, experience and that we have had the opportunity to tell.Which recalls other stories that occur in life insurance where sometimes beneficiaries are never notified by companies after the death of a person who has nevertheless designated them as heir or beneficiary of a legacy.

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Without these elements or their completion, a bank can block an account or terminate it. This may be what happened with the Bistrot de Jules but in this case, why was Amex not intrigued to collect more than 70,000 euros in transactions for three years and is it not he didn’t come back to his client? On Gambling Email List its website, American Express specifies that it transfers to the customer, within 24 hours, the sums collected on its behalf. screenshot from American Express website If your job is directly or indirectly related to customer experience, customer journeys, KYC, take the time to watch the story on RMC, here. U

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