American Express the Sad Decline of a Great Brand and Company

There was the big Amex, there is the pitiful Amex in 2021, unable to quickly open an account, to say the status of a file with an RFF, very much above the membership threshold, a service customer unable to read a disclaimer correctly, a site without a 24/7 bot, a bank being lynched… Thanks to Amex for showing me the competition, which I did not know thanks to a simple Google search Amex is now a poorly managed company that employs poor quality, unaccountable staff that are allowed to treat customers with contempt. Will be closing my account as soon as possible” A call center in Manila – creditEdouard Jacquinet In many countries including the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Australia, the Netherlands, American Express cardholders, including Centurion cardholders, the famous “Black Card”, and Platinum.

Approximate And Very Tedious Customer

Data update requests (under KYC), customer service and call centersunreachable, misleading or even misleading information, KYC department for absent subscribers, ping-pong between the insurer AXA and Amex to defer or avoid the reimbursement of health costs… Loyal and former customers, some of whom Bulk SMS Portugal have been cardholders for their exit from the university, have no more doubt: between them and Amex, it is the end of the journey. “I’ve been an Amex Black Card customer for 35 years. This is now the end of the road. I am resigned to having my account forcibly closed and frankly, it will be a relief to be rid of Amex. Switching all my spend to Visa.” The sufferings of the Amex customer Whatever the country, the very relative efficiency of the Amex application, the unreachability of its customer services.

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There Are Also Abusive Interest Rates

Massive termination of accounts and cards due to poor KYC and elevator referrals between Axa, for example, Amazon and Amex to avoid honoring their commitments. No “quiet quitting” among Amex customers: according to reading GoogleMyBusiness reviews, the rumble has been growing around the world and on social networks since the health crisis which compromised the functioning of customer services, an essential Gambling Email List  system at American Express. What we have been buying for a long time at Amex is in particular the bouquet of services including the concierge service, travel assistance, as many services as the company beloved by Warren Buffett wanted to automate or relocate massively to India or the Philippines.

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