Fired from Amex for a Monoprix Invoice When Kyc Goes Wrong

Alexandra Giacalone, business leader, is now part of the family of former Amex clients, a growing family in France and around the world. The bank terminated her card in November 2022 because Alexandra did not agree to provide a purchase invoice to Monoprix, listed in the balance sheet of her company Corpsquad. All over the world, loyal Amex customers are leaving a company they were loyal to in disgust. Failing chatbots, Kafkaesque KYC and unreachable call centers in Manila and India… What’s going on? Alexandra Giacalone (left) – credit DR “I have been an American Express customer since 2014, via the Flying Blue American Express card, with which I was satisfied until then. At the beginning of each year.

the Kyc of the Banks Requires Us to Update

A certain amount of information relating to our accounts, our identity and that we provide various documents, including identity documents. American Express asks me for them every year and I provide them. In 2022, after I sent them the balance sheet of my company (Corpsquad), they asked me to justify an Bulk SMS Iran expense at Monoprix. My balance sheet being certified by a chartered accountant, containing no unjustified invoice, I found the approach very cavalier and I indicated to them my refusal to produce this invoice. I am very familiar with the provisions of the AMF, and banking obligations, which are legitimate, but this is downright inquisition, unjustified moreover. If I spent business expenses on Vuitton bags, I would understand but there.

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At the End of November 2022

Without further ado, they canceled my card, which is already very surprising in terms of customer experience. I’m never overdrawn, I’m not a high-risk customeBut the big surprise was to discover, two days later, that they were charging me 650 euros corresponding to the annual fee for the card for the coming year. ! I protested, tried to reach the KYC service, obviously unreachable and who never call back. I persisted, I suffered, to put Gambling Email List it mildly, by contacting their customer service and going through all the stages of their IVR (interactive voice server) after trying to solve this problem with my usual adviser, who she is outstanding. You can mention her, her name is Mailys Christophe and she works in Madrid. But she couldn’t help it, she told me.

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