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.It is in the same place that Claude François recorded, in 1977, Magnolia for Ever, helped again by Jean Claude Petit and Estardy. Money has become too expensive, gasoline scarce. En-Contact has imagined and designed its next issue, 126, like a double album: which brokers, comparators will help you have a great year in 2023? Who are the talents in lead generation, when customers, in many fields, are scarce? And as we will be talking about money, it is appropriate to speak… to serious people; our guest of the month will be a young man who went through a serious high school, Henri IV, who then attended Polytechnique, ENA, sometimes wears star glasses and kindly lent himself to a photo shoot. His motto: consumption habits are changing rapidly, customer requirements too, only the most agile will survive.

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learned so much rue Firmin Gillot” the career of Anne, passed by Club Med, Techcity, Teleperformance… and that of another Anne, a 26-year-old winegrower whose Fronton wine delighted the “seminarians” of La Baule. The right broker. Among the many comparators that exist in France, brokers, which are reliable and independent? What is their economic model, how do they select the telecom operators, banks, movers or insurers Bulk SMS Australia they recommend. The tsunami which has just affected the energy market has claimed its first victim, with the receivership of JeChange.fr, the company which promised to help French people gain purchasing power and take care of everything for these recommended changes. Issue 126 of En-Contact will devote its feature of the month to these brokers, comparators whose valuations have sometimes.

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They can help insure a very special risk. “Assurprox, Magnolia, Le Lynx, Best Rate, Papernest, Cafpi, Selectra, even UFC Que Choisir, there are dozens of companies or brokers who claim to help prospects choose the right offer , the right mutual, bank, create even purchasing groups” indicates the editor of the professional magazine En-Contact, Manuel Jacquinet. You can even compare quotes from movers now before Gambling Email List choosing the right one, a decision that is always tricky to make. It is not easy, however, to assess the independence of these comparators, to know if the customer reviews they use to optimize their referencing on GMB ( Google My Business) are highly trafficked or rather reliable. For example, is Panorabanques independent of the banks, does it manage to curb the increase in bank charges.

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