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Recent analyzes show that the French have the desire to consume, but they expect exceptional quality of customer service and positive experiences from brands. This is one of the lessons of the annual global survey conducted by… TP which includes others, sometimes quite different from received ideas. Voice, for example, continues to be the preferred contact channel. TP like Teleperformance, the world leader in outsourced customer experience. Suffice to say that the words and teachings of Teleperformance deserve attention. Jean-Michel, I see loyalty coming! At 6/8, rue Firmin Gillot in Paris in the 15th arrondissement, long before the Republican Party set up its headquarters there in December 2016, we knew how to listen to consumers and customers. This was indeed the historical address of the headquarters of Teleperformance France.

The Survey Carried Out Does Not Say

On the other hand, if all the companies which pass by the street Firmin Gillot are intended to have a national destiny. This does not concern us, as Thierry Roland would have said.. Methodology: In 2016, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) conducted this survey again, covering 11 countries. In France, the CX Lab interviewed a number of consumers representative of the population in terms of age Bulk SMS Argentina and gender in 15 sectors. In order to obtain a holistic view of the perceptions of French consumers, Teleperformance CX Lab takes into account two perspectives: brand attributes and shopping experience. Voice remains the preferred channel for contacting customer service 50% of French respondents surveyed had an interaction with one of their customer services in the past 12 months. Contacts vary by sector: they were more frequent in the online travel agency sector (74%), and less frequent in the health/beauty sector (8%).

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These Figures Are Among the Lowest Averages

Voice remains the most used channel for contacting customer service, closely followed by email/form. French consumers rarely use social networks to contact customer service. The main reason for this is the lack of privacy and their preferences for using other traditional channels. Promoters, overall satisfaction and loyalty are paths to progress France presents low levels of recommendations over the last three years of the study. It obtains Gambling Email List the lowest average of the 11 countries studied, with variability depending on the sector. However, online travel agencies are the sector in which the rate of promoters has increased the most NB: The CX Lab examines in its survey three key dimensions to measure the perceptions that will determine future behaviors. Teleperformance Experience Score (TPXS) Promoters: Propensity of consumers to recommend the brand to those around them.

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