Some News on the Realities of French Companies

According to INSEE, business creations in France fell by 5.1% in January 2023. However, their figure remains high and is therefore not alarming. Thus, micro-enterprise is still the scheme that has the wind in its sails. Conversely, traditional sole proprietorships continue to decline. Most business sectors are impacted. In industry, creations fell by -21%, transport and warehousing saw their creations fall. On the other hand, real estate activities are developing (+1.6%). Unemployment at its lowest with nearly 7% With an unemployment rate of point less than in the third quarter, it continues to experience a fall. If the government’s objective is full employment (with zero unemployment) by the end of the five-year term.

The Objective Would Therefore Be to Fall Below

Which would correspond to the definition of International Labor Organization (ILO) even if we can consider that the maximum performance would be between 2 and 3%. This situation since the oil shock of the 1970s. In any case, it is its lowest level observed for 14 years, even if the unemployment rate a huge Bulk SMS Kuwait oscillation during the health crisis. Job abandonment, a new reality in France? According to a study just by the Ministry of Labour, in the first half of 2022, 173,000 employment contracts in the private sector were following dismissal for serious or gross negligence. 71% are justified for job abandonment and is the main reason. These are permanent job abandonments (94% of cases) which is a figure into account.

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In Dismissal for Serious or Gross Negligence

Of which 116,000 concerned permanent contracts. CDI abandonments represent 5% of all CDI terminations over the period (compared to 43% for resignations) and 14% of involuntary CDI terminations potentially giving entitlement to unemployment insurance. The fight against tax fraud has raised 14.6 billion According to the government website, the fight against tax evasion is one of the major issues of sovereignty and recovery Gambling Email List of public accounts. This is an essential condition for enforcing the principle of equality before taxation. The government considers that tax evasion is detrimental to national solidarity by basing the tax solely on taxpayers who comply with their tax obligations and makes fair competition between businesses complex and difficult.

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