Cleanliness Comfort in Stations Are the Two Major Items on Which I Sounded

The editorial staff of En-Contact went to meet the managing director of SNCF Gares & Connexions, Patrick Ropert. Patrick Ropert, Managing Director of SNCF Gares & Connections Jacques Gavard En-Contact: What major projects have you identified to improve the passenger experience in stations? Patrick Ropert: Cleanliness and comfort in stations are the two major projects on which I have sounded the general mobilization since my arrival in this position two years ago. In the satisfaction studies that we regularly conduct with our customers, these are the two items that appear at the top and which together combine more than 50% of the quotes.

My Way of Working Then Is Quite Bestial

Once the priorities are, it is a question of setting up the teams in charge of these questions and asking them to innovate and seize the subject. We have therefore chosen to collaborate with VSM, a Dutch company that helps us with cleanliness issues by prescribing, controlling and implementing ad-hoc procedures. But we can also come up against problems that require going further: two tonnes of waste, which people are not Bulk SMS Oman going to put in the bins, are left daily by customers in stations. We thought that a machine had to go to waste since waste does not go to the trash, and our research on this point led us to discover that such a robot existed in only one place in the world: at the Houston airport! We had it homologated in order to be able to use it.

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It Doesn’t Seem to Me That I Was Ever Ask

About the route in the station (before arriving at the train)? We regularly measure customer satisfaction and other factors, and try to innovate in order to hear the voice of the customer more accurately. Our collaboration with the company Datakalab thus allows us to solve one of the recurring problems in the Gambling Email List measurement of satisfaction: study biases which can distort the results. By working with more in-depth tools and methods, which analyze perception in particular, we discovered that in the customer journey, the passage to the press kiosk was a stress factor, in particular because of the very large choice of titles in these kiosks and waiting at the checkout afterwards. These studies allow us to establish the ranking of priority subjects, and which are in order.

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