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One would think that at 2.5 billion in turnover, the purse strings are easily untied by the general management when starting a project to improve the customer experience. Nay, you also have to make a personal commitment, measure, show agility. Story of the adventure at Cofely by the Mike Horn of the subject: Céline Forest, Director of Communication and Customer Experience. Celine Forest – credit © Edouard Jacquinet En-Contact: You have been leading a customer experience improvement project at ENGIE Cofely for three years, what were the stages and the feedback.

Celine Forest Would First Note the Method

Which is in itself a form of innovation: working in “agile” mode and not in silos. To break away from these silos, we have formed a group of thirty people divided into sub-groups so that all strata of the company, technicians as well as managers, feel concerned by this project. That was three years ago, and it Bulk SMS Lebanon was thanks to this group of projects that we were able to improve our customer knowledge and study how to review the customer relationship within the company, which resulted in the establishment of the CRM. Our first priority concerned the customer journey, and for this we have improved our capture of satisfaction with barometrics, making it possible to analyze the offers won, lost, and to detect commercial opportunities,Net Promoter Score ).

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These Various Projects Materialized a Year Ago

With the creation of the Customer Experience Department, within which real work to analyze customer journeys, with trackers allowing the implementation of corrective actions (to improve this knowledge, we use the various tools developed by KPAM). Finally, we have also set up a complaints management system via various channels and an internal application for the 12,000 employees, all sectors Gambling Email List combined, including those who have no direct contact with the customer. It must make it possible to orient employees towards customers: it contains customer information, benchmarkswhat is happening in the market. Are the results quantitative or qualitative? We have four different indicators: the INS/NSP, the overall satisfaction score, the rate of response (to complaints) on time and the rate of satisfied customers following a complaint.

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