Rock Content Acquires Scribble Live and Becomes a Global Leader

This is Rock’s second acquisition in less than 6 months. Therefore, Rock Content mission is to generate growth opportunities. That’s why our Rockers work every day. Rock Conten We are passionate about helping our clients, our talent network, and our team dreams big. As a fast-growing startup, we have always tried to deliver more and more when it comes to helping our clients through content marketing . Therefore, In terms of culture, Rock has always been a global company and I attribute that, in large part. Therefore, to the fact that one of the co-founders moved from the United States to Brazil, to follow this dream together with us.

New Category Rock Content Global Contenders and Fascinating Challenges

Although companies in the LatAm region do not job function email list acquire North American organizations frequently, this achievement is a good sign that shows that LatAm companies are going global and thinking big. The content marketing category has received a tremendous amount of funding, and here at Rock we are proud to be one of the most capital efficient companies in the segment. This acquisition places us, globally, among the main content marketing companies in the world. As far as we know, we are the only company in the category with revenues of tens of millions of dollars, with sustainable and lucrative growth for the majority of its journey.

For You Dear Customers

The acquisition of Scribble Live will allow Gambling Email List Rock to expand our offerings to you. Dear customers, by giving us the opportunity to delve into diversified content formats such as video. Animation, graphic design, infographics and quizzes and interactive experiences. This also means that our talent network is growing and now has the capacity to support content creation in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Rock is creating a global marketplace network for the creative industry. Which will connect our clients’ brands with creative talent around the world and with agencies, and. At the end of the day, give them the tools necessary to succeed in a world where content is number one.

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