Good Social Media Budget Distribution Necessary for Content Marketing

One of the most important components in Digital Marketing is understanding. How you can enhance Content Marketing advertising that is created through good Budget Distribution. It is a way in which brands develop an ongoing relationship with their. Customers through content that provides long-term value . An example of this is when a film is […]

Main Challenges and Obstacles of Internationalization

Internationalization is not a simple process, since in addition to the obvious. Such as financing and human resources, there are a series of requirements and challenges to overcome. The main challenge, when beginning the internationalization process. Main Challenges is to know well the market where the company’s products or services are intended to be inserted […]

Discover the Stages of Corporate Internationalization

Corporate internationalization is a process that some companies go through. Discover the in which they create or provoke the conditions to offer their products or services in markets outside their national territories of origin. Thanks to digital transformation and the advantages of Digital Marketing , this goal is becoming less complicated for organizations. However, it […]

Rock Content Acquires Scribble Live and Becomes a Global Leader

This is Rock’s second acquisition in less than 6 months. Therefore, Rock Content mission is to generate growth opportunities. That’s why our Rockers work every day. Rock Conten We are passionate about helping our clients, our talent network, and our team dreams big. As a fast-growing startup, we have always tried to deliver more and […]

10 Programming Languages ​​most used by companies in the world

10 Programming Languages ​​most used by companies in the world. Programming languages ​​are instructions that allow us humans to communicate with devices and computers. These are algorithms and codes written in a syntax that the computer understands to interpret the data we offer and transform it. What is the advantage of programming languages. They allow […]