How to Get There and What to See

Due to the Proximity of Most of Its Attractions. However, Uji is a Good City to Explore on Foot. Uji Station, for Example, is Only. A Ten-minute Walk From Byodoin Temple. The More Distant Temples Are Located. About a 30-minute Walk From the City Center. Local Buses Are Also Available. With Routes That Include Both Tourist. Attractions and the Train Station.

Byodo-en Temple is the most popular tourist attraction in Uji. It is built in Jodo, or “pure Buddhist earth architecture”, and represents paradise. However, The temple is ancient, having been built as a private residence for a politician in the year 998; it was converted into a temple by the son of the founder.

In addition the Byodoin features a garden, treasure house museum

Hoodo, or Phoenix Hall , which appears on the back of the Latest Mailing Database ten yen coin. However, This hall is one of the few completely original temple structures, it has never been left behind , like other buildings.

Other temples and attractions There are more temples in Uji . Koshoji Temple was built in Kyoto in 1233, and moved to Uji in 1648. However, It is a place to see the koyo, or autumn leaf fall . The Mimurotoji, or “flower temple” , is located in the hills north of the city and was built around 1,200 years ago.

Uji is divided in two by the Ujigawa River, an element that allows unique entertainment opportunities for the traveler. However, During the summer months, travelers can experience Ukai, or cormorant fishing. This discipline has been practiced in Japan for over 1,300 years and involves the use of a trained bird called a cormorant to catch fish.

Book lovers will enjoy the city’s relationship with the tale of Genji

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A work of fiction from the 11th century. It has often been Gambling Email List considered the world’s first novel. A book that describes life in those times with extraordinary realism.

Uji green tea
A trip to Uji cannot be complete without trying its famous matcha, the Japanese green tea. Taihoan is a teahouse where guests can experience a traditional ceremony of their own, and the nearby Fukujuen Ujicha Kobo workshop offers hands-on tea-grinding classes, followed by tasting the freshly brewed tea. Both tea and souvenirs can be bought at the Omotesando , the shop next to the Byodoin temple.

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