How to Get There and What to See

Nikko is a historic, scenic, secluded place in the heart of Japan. Nestled in the mountains north of Tokyo, the small town sits at the entrance to Nikko National Park .

Without a doubt, a place that is worth it thanks to its spectacular views of the beautiful mountains, beautiful waterfalls and hot springs in the middle of nature.

How to get to Nikko from Tokyo Nikko is part of the so-called Romantic Road, a very popular vacation route among the Japanese, but one that has gone unnoticed by many foreign tourists.

Now you can discover Nikko , one of the first destinations on this romantic route, with the Japan Rail Pass .

Next we tell you how to get to know the best of Nikko in a single day

Going to spend the day in Nikko is a very typical Whatsapp Mobile Number List activity, as well as one of the many excursions from Tokyo that you can do. You can easily reach Nikko with your JR Pass, as it is less than two hours away by train.

To Nikko the bullet train Tohoku Shinkansen
To go from Tokyo to Nikko simply take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen , either from Tokyo Station or from Ueno Station.

In both cases, you will have to reach Utsunomiya. Then take the JR Nikko Line to Nikko Station.To Nikko with the JR Tobu Line
The JR Tobu Line leaves from Tobu Station in Tokyo (Asakusa district), with the JR Tobu – Nikko Express service. This reserved seat train makes its journey in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

However the domestic Japan Rail Pass with the exception of the JR East Pass

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Is not valid on the Tobu Line section, so you will Gambling Email List need to pay a small fee of 1,560 yen.

To Nikko from Narita Airport
If you go from Narita airport, you have a bus that goes directly to Nikko , on the highway. The one-way trip takes approximately three hours and costs 4,500 yen.

If you prefer to use your JR Pass, the best option is to take the Narita Express from the airport to Tokyo Central Station. From there, take the Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train, as described above.

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