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If one of your posts performs well. Consider boosting it so that it reaches even more people who may not follow you. A booste post on facebook is an existing. Organic post that can be turne into a paid ad. For example. Let’s say you share a photo from one of your recent listings on your facebook page. It generate decent engagement with your current followers an engagement rate of 1.82 is the benchmark for facebook posts in real estate. But you want it to reach even more people. You can boost the post to help it reach a new audience. Boosting is similar to advertising in that you have to spend money. But it differs from creating an ad because you don’t nee to create anything from scratch. Instead.

Give Tips on Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Boosting allows you to amplify the content you’ve already create. Which is a huge benefit for busy agents. Boosting your posts helps you get the most out of your content creation efforts and increase your reach to potential leads   win-win. If you have advertising spend in your budget. Consider putting that towards facebook ads. You may have already experimented with traditional advertising placements. 

Such as in industry publications b2b leads or local media. But facebook ads allow you to expand your reach by tapping into a larger. Target audience. Meta business suite offers extensive ad opportunities across both facebook and instagram. Explore the different formats and placements to determine the best fit for your goals.

Go Behind the Scenes of a Local Sports Team

For example. A carousel ad would be a good option if you’re advertising a listing and want to showcase multiple images. With facebook ads. You can also include a cta. This part is essential if you want to generate leads. Make sure your ad is compelling enough to get people to stop scrolling and follow your cta. 

Whether that’s to learn more Gambling Email List or contact you directly. Real estate agents and brokerages worldwide use hootsuite to streamline their social marketing efforts. Improve their client experience. And ensure compliance with industry regulations. See for yourself why we are the real estate industry’s leading social media management platform.

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