Older people have the same motivations and values ​​as millennials,

It is confirmed that you now have a business model that really works. by verifying the existence of a market, effectively locating the potential clientele. Testing the hypotheses, Older people establishing a price. Define the sales channels and, finally, confirm the sales cycle. Only if the company finds a repeatable group of clients. Who follow a repeatable sales process can it move on to the next phase. In which the scalability of the business will be sought. 

Older people At this point

It is assumed that the company has already found. Its business model and has reached a certain size and complexity. So the time has come to make the transition from an informal company data business or a startup. To the company structured in departments . From this moment on, the company finally changes its orientation towards customer discovery to an orientation towards the mission and objectives of each area.

The objective of this stage

Is to create a sales roadmap to which the company can later adjust, which is contrasted and repeatable and is sustained by the sale of early evangelists . It also aims to test whether Gamblinge Email List a market segment has really been found that reacts positively to the developed product. But, although it is called “customer validation”, what it is really about is validating the business model.

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