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One thing you shouldn’t overlook in your Shopee sale is the calculation of revenue relative to the fees that apply to your potential sale. Shopee seller fees are essential to be able to accurately estimate how much you will earn from your efforts. Below is a breakdown of the fees that will be charged to you on the Shopee marketplace.At Shopee Philippines, marketplaces and Shopee Mall sellers must pay a transaction fee of 1.5% for each transaction.

A 2% commission fee (Including VAT) also applies to Shopee Mall sellers (but not marketplace sellers). The commission fee calculation formula is as follows:

Amount x Total Price

Therefore, Freebies are automatically deducted from the seller’s account upon confirmation of release of payment from the customer.

Shopee Malaysia
Shopee Malaysia sellers are subject phone number list to a 2.12% transaction fee. There is also a service fee but it only applies to sellers associated with a particular Shopee program.

The following are variations of Shopee service fees:

RM15 Free Shipping Package – 3.18%
Coin Cashback Program 10% – 4.24%
RM15 Free Shipping Package + 10% Coin Cashback Program – 6.36%
All sellers also need to pay a RM0.12 fee if they exceed three manual withdrawals per week.

Shopee Thailand For each transaction

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Therefore, there will be a 2% transaction fee for all sellers. This Shopee seller fee will be deducted directly from the customer payment.

There is also a separate transaction fee for purchases completed via credit card installment. The transaction Gambling Email List fee here is 5%. The details of these costs are as follows:

2% – credit card transactions

3% installment transactions

Meanwhile, the following is a commission fee per product category that only applies to Shopee Mall sellers.

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