Lazada Counterfeits How Brands & Sellers Can Protect Themselves

Counterfeit goods are the first copy or replica of the original goods. Hence, it is hard for the masses to tell apart as these replicas are almost as expensive as the originals. Apart from misinformation on the part of consumers, these counterfeits can also damage brands that have spent years in research & development trying to develop their products. Brand copycats sometimes use genuine labels when distributing their replica items to the public and hence, originals suffer a loss of brand equity, loyalty and customer trust they have earned over the years. Therefore, counterfeit sellers gain financial benefits at the expense of genuine brands.

How to Identify Counterfeit Lazada Products

Due to the impact of counterfeits on online sellers, it is as important for them to know how to identify counterfeits as for customers. Here are some ways to recognize counterfeits on Lazada:

  • A price too good to be true

This is a dead giveaway. An authentic product made with high-quality materials will bring the seller a small amount of revenue if sold at a low price.

  • Product reviews

If an item is counterfeit, people who recently purchased the product will post their negative feedback/experience under the review section.

  • Check out the presentation

Real products usually have at database least five images in the product listing. If not, it is most likely that the image was simply downloaded from the internet and the seller did not personally take the image of the product.

Product descriptions can also tell you whether a product is genuine or counterfeit. Genuine brands usually have more specific and well-written product descriptions. Meanwhile, counterfeit products will have a blurry and more general picture. This is due to the seller’s lack of knowledge about the product.

How to Arm Yourself Against Lazada Counterfeits 


If you are worried about Lazada counterfeits of your brand being sold in the marketplace, one way to stay on top is to become a LazMall seller. Having this title immediately earns you customer Gambling Email List trust as only exclusive brands and retailers can register here. If you want to know the requirements to join or simply learn more about LazMall, check out LazMall: Everything You Need To Know .

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