Sustainable Development and Well-Being Impose Their Priorities

According to a survey out by Elabe for the Institut de l’entreprise, it is as the third actor “able to improve the world”, particularly in terms of well-being at work , purchasing power and protection of the environment. environment. Only citizens and carers obtain a better result with respectively 67 and 63% of the votes when it comes to the ability to improve society. The company, cited by 58% of respondents, finds itself even in front of public actors such as elected officials (mayors, Head of State, etc.), or even institutions and political parties. Also, three-quarters of employees consider that “their quality of life at work is good”and 70% claim to have a good image of it, a figure that has increased during Covid-19.

Distrust Of It Has Also Increased By 8 Points

Even if this observation and that the other institutions are even worse off with even greater increases. A first vegan city? The city of Haywards Heath signed a “Vegan Treaty” on July 21, which should allow its 34,000 inhabitants to gradually switch to a vegan diet. This treaty includes 38 requirements that should transform their way of life and promote the reduction of consumption of animal products in order to fight against Bulk SMS Bahrain climate change. If 17 cities have already signed this treaty in the world. This is a first in Europe. Among these requirements, we note that of not building new breeding farms or slaughterhouses or the ban on the export of live products. Also, it is a question of reducing the consumption of food of animal origin by raising awareness in schools, thanks to a specific tax and an incentive to promote this mode of consumption.

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A Pesticide Will Be Vanned In France S-metolachlor

Should in France. Classified as a “probable carcinogen” the National Health Security Agency (ANSES), it seems to degrade into chemical derivatives (metabolites) which are then found in “soil, surface water and groundwater” . This is not the first time that a pesticide from use like neonicotinoids. However, it is one of the most widely in France, particularly for the cultivation of corn, sunflower Gambling Email List and soybeans. It is notably of causing cancer but also of being an endocrine disruptor. The checks carried out by ANSES show in particular “numerous and growing”concentrations in groundwater, above the thresholds set by European regulations. They therefore be gradually even if the presence of an alternative treatment to “is not always available” . electric car country With 79% of new electric cars.

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