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 Basic plan( ) is perfect for starting a project. They provide you with up to ( disk space) other people in their basic plan to provide up to “ and ” unlimited( transmission“ although the concept of ” unlimited“ can be misleading; instead, they should say as long as you do not have more than ”). “ line”) resource usage level. Even if you use it, you can install it in just a few clicks . In addition, they have an automatic installer option called “”,

if you are looking for an intuitive tool

which includes some very useful plugins and configurations: image optimizer plugin, configured server special data cache software (), shrink plugin and browser-level cache, etc、Another very, very important point about revision restrictions in articles and other interesting things is that they take security very seriously. They provide disinfection and monitoring services so that your website is always safe and you can learn everything that is happening and report daily documents of changes or infections.

don't have to fight with code or

 The technical service ( emails, free calls and chat ) are very good and efficient. During my testing I helped me quickly and well through chat(; greeting and ) and supporting them with love via email, they responded to me an hour later.( response time can improve ) . My tests on performance and speed were very satisfactory. I’ve tested it using fairly heavy websites and using scripts, and the data in the Gambling Email List metrics is very good. Pros You can try out their plan before payment Day. In the basic plan, they provide you with up to disk space.

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