What If the Customer Keeps Canceling Orders

You don’t have to worry about OVL cuts when a customer or shipping partner decides to cancel an order. Only seller-initiated cancellations count toward the OVL deduction.

LazMall brands and wholesalers are the seller groups that receive the most impact from OVL penalties. The order volume limit places a hedge between their current revenue and their maximum potential sales yield. Learning what causes OVL caps and how to overcome them will point you in the right direction when it comes to achieving your goals and increasing revenue.

How Do I Remove an Existing OVL Penalty?

Be aware that reduced order whatsapp mobile number list volumes and/or limits are not a long-term penalty. In fact, the system updates the OVL constraints every week.

Lazada sellers are automatically granted reduced order volume limits if they fall within the cancellation level countermeasures as previously stated in this post.

Therefore, to remove the order volume limit, you just need to increase the cancellation rate and you will most likely get your default OVL back in the next week. Of course there are exceptions, which we will cover in the sections below.

I’ve Raised My Cancellation Rate. The Punishment Still Exists. What am I doing?

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The order volume limit applies to 50% of your daily orders in the last two weeks. If you recently increased your cancellation rate and you still have an order volume cap penalty. That means you’ll get your default OVL in the next two weeks.

Lazada is gradually increasing the order volume limit. This means that within the first week after the cancellation rate increase, 50% of your order volume limit penalty will be lifted. The Lazada team will fill in the remaining 50% OVL in the following week as long as you don’t cross the cancellation threshold.

If you maintain enhanced cancellations over that two week span, your OVL cap will be completely lifted and you can revert to your default order volume limit.


There is some confusion regarding POL and OVL as they both relate to order constraints.

OVL is the maximum Gambling Email List number of orders a seller can accept on a given day. While POL stands for Pending Order Limit. This relates to the number of pending orders a seller is allowed to have.


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