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Once we publish something on the internet, even if we delete it, there will always be a trace or evidence, and in the long term it will affect the reputation of the brand. On the other hand, keep in mind that “more is not always better”, therefore, focus on a single topic or product when creating your publication and avoid saturating your graphic piece with text. If you are going to generate links, it is recommend that these rirect to your website or company blog to gain traffic and this will help the SEO of your site.

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If videos are your thing, make them short, ucational and with a clear message. You can make your creations with Imovie, InShot, Clideo and even Canva. Of course, do not forget that b2b email list you should not use music that is not yours, you can download thousands of copyright-free songs from Free Audio Library, Free Music Projects or the well-known Fifty Sounds and if you are a heavy user you can create your own tracks with GarageBand, Magix music maker, Beepbox or Song Maker. If we talk about other social networks, let’s consider the visual platform par excellence, Instagram.

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Let’s take into account the same criteria when uploading images with the difference that here you can not only upload videos, but also reels , those that appear in response to the TikTok phenomenon. svg E The difference between these is that the videos are clips creat ready to upload, while in the reels you can pause to present various Gambling Email List scenes or play with visual effects and combin texts. Once again, everything will depend on who your target market is. Don’t forget to place all your information and the URL of your website in the description of your profile on this social network, since links cannot be plac individually in each publication.

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