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Increase in fertilizer prices As part of the economic impact of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the inflation caus by the cost of fertilizers export by Russia has mium and long-range impacts on the world economy. Likewise, Russia is a large global producer of wheat, corn and soybeans, which it controls together with Ukraine. Therefore, among other economic consequences, the war would have a great impact on cereals, vegetable oils and fertilizers. Likewise, our commercial relations with Russia and Ukraine represent a minimum percentage of our exports; However, there are more than $200 million in income for Peruvians, represent by MYPES.

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In relation to imports, inputs for agriculture such as fertilizers, urea, ammonium nitrate among other mineral fertilizers are import from Russia, which represent 50% of our total imports. Economic slowdown This situation would threaten to slow down the Unit States economy by worsening inflation and increasing uncertainty, bringing direct consequences to the Latin American economy. If this event is prolong, the inflationary business database impact would be more persistent, which would induce a greater unanchoring of inflation expectations. In Peru, an economic recovery policy has been develop, to which is add this period of uncertainty due to the international situation, having as a direct consequence the increase in the prices of certain food products that directly influence the increase register in wholesale prices.

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And that will continue to be transferr to the final prices for the consumer. Svg e all this without counting the discomfort in the transport union who provide the service and Gambling Email List cover higher fuel costs on a daily basis. According to the inei reports corresponding to the current month of march, the variation in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages of 9.35%, transportation 8.81% and accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 11.38% are observ, being the main products. That have been affect.

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