Beintoo uses your data to help advertisers and agencies in the development

Beintoo uses beintoo is a data-driven company. Therefore, which develops and implements innovation in the mobile field to support companies and guide them towards a data-drive-based approach through mobile advertising campaigns, Therefore, location intelligence products that support marketing strategies. , creativity and solutions to promote user engagement and conversion

What is Beintoo's value proposition in terms of a data driven company

Beintoo is a company belonging to category email list the Mediaset Group that offers its clients digital advertising solutions. Our data driven approach. Therefore, the technologies we use allow us to position ourselves as experts in data collection. Strategic data activation and mobile advertising. Therefore, through our extensive dataset. Made up of interest, navigation, geo-behavioral and geolocation data. Which we collect thanks to our proprietary SDK, through which we collect, every day. Data from 25 million devices throughout Europe , we are able to build specific user profiles.

How can Beintoo be a valuable ally for its customers

Today’s Customer journey is very different from that of a few years ago. In fact, in addition to being enriched with many new digital touchpoints. The information and purchase channels that users use daily have also increased. Therefore, it is necessary, for each brand, to keep up with these rapid accelerations. With Gambling Email List the aim of differentiating and reaching the right consumer at the most opportune time. However, this can be even more complex since every day people are intercepted in multiple ways by a series of advertising impacts.

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