How to create and improve your Personal Brand on Social Networks

Do you want How to work on your personal brand on social networks and don’t. Therefore, know start? In this article I explain  create a personal brand on social networks step by step. Personal branding is increasingly important in today’s working world, as it allows people to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition. […]

My favorite functionality Studying email marketing automation techniques

Thanks to Mailchart’s Journeys feature, you can study the automated emails that brands send whenever their subscribers trigger a certain action, such as abandoning the cart or creating a project inside an app. It’s a great feature because it really takes the manual labor out of analyzing one of the most important types of email […]

SparkToro—for audience insights

SparkToro is an audience research tool that provides information about what any audience reads, watches, listens to, and follows. Some of the key use cases: See where to advertise or which channels to sponsor by discovering sites and social media profiles your competitor’s audience engages with. Enhance your customer personas with insights from the social […]

Handpicked Competitor Analysis Tools With Use Cases

Ok,Handpicked so you’re here because you want to spy on your competitors’ ideas look for inspiration in what your competitors do. HandpickedGood call—that-apparentlyyou’re going to need special tools for that. These eight tools will allow you to do things like: Steal traffic from your competitors’ most successful content. Copy what works for them in email […]