SparkToro—for audience insights

SparkToro is an audience research tool that provides information about what any audience reads, watches, listens to, and follows. Some of the key use cases: See where to advertise or which channels to sponsor by discovering sites and social media profiles your competitor’s audience engages with. Enhance your customer personas with insights from the social media profiles of your competition’s followers. Get ideas for content by seeing which topics your competitor’s audience frequently talks about.

My favorite functionality: Discovering where a competitor’s audience hangs out online

Let’s find new sponsorship opportunities by looking for popular influencers among SparkToro’s X followers. Running an audience research in Sparktoro. Here’s an example report. You can also set up filters to refine your data. In this example I capped the follower category email list count at 50k to get a more manageable list. Sample results in SparkToro. With data like this, you can easily spot new advertising and sponsorship opportunities across many different channels. Just put together all the insights by plugging in your competitors’ social profiles, websites, keywords, and any “owned” hashtags.

Mailcharts—for email and SMS marketing

Mailcharts holds a vast collection of email and SMS campaigns, helping you to study tactics of brands similar to yours. Some of the key use cases: Discover email and SMS campaigns by types or competing brands and get inspired by the copy and (in the case of emails) visual Gambling Email List design they use. Understand the sending behavior of your competitors (cadence, subject lines, discounts, etc.). Copy what you like, or do something completely different to make your brand stand out. Study email marketing automation techniques in your industry. See what features competitors focus on to onboard their users, or how other brands try to make customers come back to their shopping carts.

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