My favorite functionality Studying email marketing automation techniques

Thanks to Mailchart’s Journeys feature, you can study the automated emails that brands send whenever their subscribers trigger a certain action, such as abandoning the cart or creating a project inside an app. It’s a great feature because it really takes the manual labor out of analyzing one of the most important types of email marketing; imagine trying to find an email trigger manually. Here’s an example: Mailchart captured a subscription abandonment journey from Masterclass.Study the language and visual design of the ads and landing pages. Aim for something completely different to stand out or emulate them if you need a quick way to lauch your campaign.

vidIQ—for video marketing on YouTube

vidIQ is a tool designed to help you grow your YouTube channel by reverse-engineering your competitors’ success. Some of the key use cases: Benchmark against competitors to better understand how publishing frequency.   Topic selection, and editing styles impact performance. Get ideas for new content based on keywords other channels target and top industry data vidIQ’s views per hour metric. My favorite functionality.  Analyzing performance data right inside .  YouTube vidIQ offers an extension to the .  Chrome web browser that allows you to get data right inside YouTube. In my opinion, some of the most valuable data points provided here are:

Official ad libraries—for free insights into social media and search ad campaigns

Some ad networks allow you to see all ads currently running on their.   Platforms (and sometimes even archived ads). You can simply look up Gambling Email List your competitor and study their ads at no cost. At the time of writing, this type of service is officially .  Supported on: Meta (Facebook, .  Messenger, and Instagram) TikTok .  Google Ads X LinkedIn (no separate library.  You need to find your competitor’s profile and then go to.  Posts/Ads). Some of the key use cases: See if your competitor is running any ads in the first place. Establishing that can help you negotiate your marketing budget. Look for the features .  Or deals they promote the most to inspire your own deals. 

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