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That said, backlinks from strong pages don’t always transfer . Mmore authority. The more links there are on the page that links to you, the less authority will be transferred.  To you because it’s shared between all of those pages (due to the PageRank algorithm). You can gauge a backlink’s authority by using the UR metric in the Backlinks report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. (You can also find it inHandpicked other Ahrefs tools where relevant.) .  The higher the UR, the better.Everything You Need to.  Know Placement Because people are more likely to click prominently.  pPlaced links, some links on webpages likely pass more authority than others.

Follow vs. nofollow Handpicked

Nofollow is a link attribute that instructs.  Google not to follow the link and serves as a hint not industry email list to pass authority (as of 2019). Anatomy of a nofollow link .  A followed link is a link that doesn’t have that attribute nor the “sponsored” or “UGC” attributes. Because nofollow links usually don’t influence rankings, it’s best to prioritize getting followed links. However, since “nofollow” is only a hint now, pursuing a nofollow link from a relevant high-.  Authority page may still be a good idea. You can find these types of backlinks using filters in Site .  Explorer’s Backlinks report. Filtering backlinks by rel attributes in Ahrefs .  FURTHER READING Nofollow vs. Follow Links:

Bill HandpickedSlawski talks about this in his analysis of Google’s updated “reasonable surfer” patent:

If a link is in the main content area of a page, uses a font and color that might make it stand Gamblin Gemail List out, and uses text that may make it something likely that someone might .  Click upon it, then it could pass along a fair amount of PageRank. On the other hand, if it combines features that make it less likely to be clicked upon, such as being in the footer of a page, in the same .  Color text as the rest of the text on that page, and the same font type, and uses anchor text that doesn’t interest people, it may not pass along a lot of.  PageRank. Consider this when pursuing links. If your link will likely end.  Handpicked up in the site’s footer or along with 50 other sites in the sidebar, then put your energy into other opportunities.

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