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It also notes what they should be reporting on and which stakeholders they nee to include. Even when things are going smoothly. This simplifies the lives of the social media team. But it’s critical when things get a little rocky. Say a campaign falls flat. Or maybe a strategy that has always worker before starts seeing lesser results. A clear decision-making path gets the social strategy back on track quickly while minimizing chaos and confusion. In all cases. It allows your team to be nimble in responding to the constant change of social media. New platform starts to gain attention. You’ve got the decision-making process in place to determine whether it’s a fit for your brand. Algorithm change. You’ve got the structure to respond fast to stay ahead of the game. Manage regulatory risk a social governance strategy helps.

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Insulate your brand from regulatory risk. Regulatory risk is not only a concern for those that operate in the regulate industries. All brands nee to ensure compliance with social media rules and marketing regulations. As note in our blog post on hila and social media. There are major financial consequences for violating social media compliance guidelines. There can be legal and reputational consequences as well. 

A social media policy sets the business lead stage for social media compliance. The decision-making structures and approval workflows in your social media governance strategy provide additional protection. You should also document requirements for response times and archiving. Reuce social media security risks security is another bucket of corporate risk management factors all social media teams nee to consider. First up.

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To anyone who’s still sharing social passwords with team members. We beg you to stop. Write a policy for password management into your social policy. Assign someone in your social governance documents to make sure it is enforce. Tools like hootsuite give you full password management control. That includes the ability to change or revoke access for any user at any time if they leave your team. 

Your social governance documents Gambling Email List and the relate ongoing training also ensure your team is aware of the latest social media security risks from romance scams to linkein phishing. Be prepare for a crisis not every brand will have to deal with a reputational crisis. But as we all learned in 2020. No organization is immune to crisis.

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