How to reach your target group

MRACE® model . It is often imagin that Search Engine Optimization is only the Reach phase the goal of which is to appear with as many search terms as possible and with the highest possible rankings in Googles organic search. This is not true. Of course this gives the best starting point if the Reach phase is in order and the organic visibility is good but visitors also ne to be activat Act phase and convert Convert phase. It is easy to focus only on one level of awareness or purchase stage but it may not bring Euros very efficiently.

When implementing an SEO strategy

It is good to consider the REACH phase as the metrics Average organic ranking Organic impressions Organic sessions Organic visitors The ACT phase measures for example Activation percentage b2b leads Average duration of activation ViewsUser As an additional note when looking at the metrics of the ACT phase it is good to filter only organic sessions from the data because this way you can evaluate how the search terms correspond to the landing page and thus correspond to the search intent. Suitable for the CONVERT stage

Conversion rate Transactions Contacts

b2b leads

Downloads When CRO measures have also been taken into account in the SEO strategy the total traffic can be taken into account in the CONVERT phase metrics because organic traffic basically behaves in these metrics Gambling Email List in the same way as the traffic coming through other channels. When does the situation require an MVG strategy If your position in the market is still unclear instead of just an SEO strategy the MVG strategy or Market-Value-Growth strategy is more suitable for you which allows you to get a more

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