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You simply have to enter the code BLOGGER Product Industry. 3CERO23 in the purchase process to get it. GO TO DONDOMAIN Step. 2: Create hundreds of bulk items at the click of a button. This is the plugin interface. And as you can see, it is very simple, and if you don’t understand it. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you now: In the first field we are simply going. To put the titles of our articles with the keyword inside, we will attack. Long tail and very specific search intentions to be able to create a lot of content. This is our keyword study, as Dean told you in the previous article.

Additionally as you can Product Industry see in the second screenshot

The idea is that with the 250 articles that category email list Dean already had written, I would put in 500 additional articles and in total create a mega-niche of approximately 750 articles (one hundred articles above, one hundred articles below). Additionally, as you can see in the second screenshot, we can tell the Write It AI to add certain keywords if we tell it in square brackets and separated by a comma. Remember that each item must go on one line. And the format is the following: Article title, [keywords separated by comma] or simply: Article title.

The titles of our articles with the keyword inside

Article title … In the next field that says “test” is the category where Gambling Email List we will want these articles to be assigned. When you choose the articles from which you want all that content to be generated, you must assign them a category, I recommend doing keyword research by categorization and once you have them all separated you can thus create your articles. The next step you will have to do is assign the language of your content, the artificial intelligence wants to know which language you want to target to position yourself and also in which language you want the content.

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