Question type and Long tail Keyword Optimization

Question keywords and long-tail keywords are more likely to trigger fragmented snippets in SERPs. According to research by Ahrefs, Google has a noticeable tendency to show featured snippets for direct questions and long keywords.

So, if you take the time to optimize your pages around these two types of keywords, you will increase the chances that search engines will use those keywords as potential answers and show them as featured snippets.

To target these keywords and get keyword ideas, you can use tools like Google Suggestions or explore related searches on Google.

Featured Snippet Format Remembering the Types

Table snippets may appear when posts that answer searched questions include comparison Whatsapp Number List charts or content containing prices, years, rates, or other numerical data. Google tends to value and prefers well-organized content.

People also ask” snippet Another feature that falls under the category of featured snippets is the ‘People Ask’ box. This snippet provides users with questions and answers related to their original search term.

It’s basically Google’s way of implying that the suggested question may provide searchers with additional research ideas.

When Inserting Images Keep in Mind That

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Featured snippets were first introduced in 2014, and since then we’ve seen many changes and improvements to make online searches more accessible and show you the most accurate results.

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