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Sendai may not be as famous as Tokyo, the neon metropolis, but it is ranked among the largest cities in Japan. It is also known as “the city of trees”. And it is that the urban structure of Sendai is delimited by parks and public green spaces. Even the covered shopping arcade has large trees inside.

Sendai is also home to a rich and diverse culture. The city was founded by a powerful feudal lord around 1600, and many of the city’s tourist attractions reflect the history of the founder and his family.

From August 6 to 8 of every year the streets of downtown

Sendai Become the Most Elegant in the World Database Due to the Bright. Colored Paper Streamers. This is Part of the Festival Known as the Sendai. Tanabata Matsuri or Star Festival. However, There is a Lot to Do in Sendai as You Will. See as You Read Our to Get to Sendai
Traveling in Japan is Easy When. You Use the Japan Rail Pass . So Keep in Mind the Following. Routes to Reach Sendai City From Other Popular Destinations.

From Tokyo to Sendai
For many, the Japanese adventure begins in Tokyo. From Tokyo Station , take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line to Sendai Station. Using the Komachi, Hayate, or Hayabusa trains, the journey takes just over an hour and a half.

On the Yamabiko train the trip takes two hours The entire trip is included in


The Japan Rail Pass. However, If you have extra time, you can Gambling Email List enjoy some highly recommended additional excursions from Ueno or Omiya stations.

From Kyoto to Sendai
From Kyoto Station , take the Hikari train to Tokyo Station. This journey takes around 5 hours. You may want to spend the night in Tokyo, giving you time to visit the sights there like Koishikawa Korakuen, one of Japan’s oldest traditional gardens. However, From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line to Sendai Station.

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